Rifle Scopes Anybody using a Zeis conquest with Rapid Z reticle


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Jan 3, 2008
Mt Horrible, SC
I have the Kahles and Swaro with TDS, but they are damn near impossible to find, I need another scope with BDC for another lightweight rig being put together for a friend. I have been wanting to try out the Rapid Z, I am sure the reticle does fine, but hows the glass stack up clarity and light gathering wise compared to a Swaro or to my favorite a Kahles? Anyone got some first hand? I have not held the conquest and no one has a local. Thanks brothers.


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  • Oct 27, 2003
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    Re: Anybody using a Zeis conquest with Rapid Z reticle

    No expert, but I have a Conquest with the RapidZ varmint reticle. I already had a Conquest 3.5x10 and thought it no better than OK. The COnquest line seems improved over earlier ones. I will have it in Texas in a couple of weeks on a PD trip. That should tell the tale.