1. Vinnie45ACP

    Rifle Scopes ZCO Reticle choices

    This is for 22LR only so I'm not looking for comments across the board, because I know how NRL22 and any such type 22LR type shooting requires different type Optic requirements then any other platform. This question is directly related to ZCO items, what is the best Reticle to choose from for...
  2. C

    Rifle Scopes Reticle not centered in scope eyebox

    I have a Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS 4.5-18x44. I have had the scope for maybe a year and have been using it during that time with no noticeable issues. I just went to move the scope to my hunting rifle and noticed that the reticle is not centered in the eyebox, or field of view, when I look...
  3. C

    Leupold VX5HD Reticle Change

    Been looking for a lightweight hunting scope for my 6.5 Grendel deer rifle, and I've mostly settled on the Leupold VX5hd 3-15x44. I really like the htmr reticle, but it seems to never be in stock, as well as not having the firedot. The standard firedot duplex is in stock however. My question is...
  4. C

    Best scope for clarity

    Hi all, I have just acquired my rifle license in the UK and am looking to start off right and buy one of the absolute best optics I can buy. I would say I'd be 50/50 hunting deer and vermin or target shooting. What I'm looking for is scopes with the absolute best clarity. I was thinking a...
  5. "Kyltro"

    Rifle Scopes Meopta Optika6 .308 Reticle

    Hi all. Why Meopta Optika6 5-30x56 in its .308 reticle stipulates that measurements are only valid in 6x, as FFP is to show the same graduation measure regardless of magnification. Only L6 and L7 would change their size with different magnifications. or I'm wrong? Thanks, and stay safe (y)
  6. C

    Rifle Scopes Leupold mark5 reticle -tmr different from illuminated tmr?

    Looking at leupold's website it appears that the illuminated tmr option has a floating center dot while the non-illuminated version has a solid center crossair. Can anyone confirm this is correct for the non-illuminated version?
  7. A

    ZCO with MCPT3 or MCPT1

    I am looking at buying a ZCO scope for my .22lr. I have never used a tree like reticle. I am interested in trying one and was looking at the MCPT3 but am wondering if I should just stay with the MCPT1 will be using for NRL 22 and taking it out to distance
  8. Danattherock

    Rifle Scopes What magnification do you set focus/diopter with...

    Ahead of the arrival of my ZCO 527 today on the brown truck, I was researching this subject a little bit in an effort to get the most out the optic. I heard ZCO recommends setting the focus at the lowest magnification within the range. I had previously been told the opposite and to use max...
  9. -Time-

    Rifle Scopes Center dot vs cross type reticle?

    For those that have used both, how do you like them? Im about to order my 300wm scope (TT5-25) that only comes with the Gen2xr, but the more i look at center dot reticles (MR4, Mil-C) the more I think I'd really enjoy it. any issues like losing the dot, hard to see, etc? Worth the upgrade over...
  10. W

    Rifle Scopes Reticle/Turret Alignment + Base leveling

    I had a question about adjusting the zero/level/alignment of the scope reticle to the action. I have tried searching but it has been vague in answers. I have a Burris MTAC 4.5-14x-42mm scope. I am going with a solution I am able to do at home inexpensively. (I may change my mind and go to a...
  11. darth_ritis

    Rifle Scopes Looking for help choosing optic with top occular-side performance

    Given a budget of $2K-4K and parameters of: variable magnification: 5-ish to 21+ tree-style reticle generous eye box bright sight picture at max magnification (exit pupil) What would you buy? The eye box and brightness are a big deal for me. I would go postal if I blow that kind...
  12. C

    Precision Rifle Gear The Pros Use - NEW DATA PUBLISHED

    A few months ago, I posted some info on the hide about the gear the top 50 shooters in the Precision Rifle Series were using, including caliber, cartridge, scope, gunsmith, action, barrel, stock, bullet, powder, suppressor, muzzle brake, and rear bag. In case someone isn't familiar with the...
  13. N

    Rifle Scopes New Leupold MOA reticle

    I sent my older 2001? (can't remember) 4.5-14x50 Leupold Vari X iii Long Range Tactical in for a new reticle. They said the MOA reticle for SFP 14x was ready. I like it. Cost me around $150 and they cleaned and checked out my scope. I don't post much, but learn a lot. This may be old...
  14. Lexington

    Leupold Mark 4 Spotting Scope Mil-dot Reticle?

    I have an older Gold Ring that has a mil-dot reticle with round dots and hash marks every half mil. The Leupold web site shows the Mark 4 spotter with a mil-dot reticle with no half mil hash marks, but the image is just a drawing. I have not found another image online. Do the newer Mark 4...
  15. R

    Fieldcraft Does a TMR reticle work with a MILDOT MASTER?

    I was using my TMR reticle scope to range a garage door of a house. Now I've laser-ranged that garage door and it's right at 723 yards. But when I use the TMR reticle AND my mildot master calculator, I get a range of about 800 yards. Now I've looked on the internet and it says that most...
  16. cybersniper

    Rifle Scopes help with NIGHFORCE NP-1RR reticle for 1000yard F

    I am very interested in first hand experiences with the NP-1RR reticle for 1000 yard ( and 800-900 too) FT/R competition. What are the Subtensions? how do you actually see ("feel") the V-bull with the dots on the sides? Does it help you with heavy winds? I find the concept interesting...
  17. B

    Rifle Scopes Illuminated reticle Red or Green

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of either color..I am adding to a USO SN3 with H27 reticle..Thanks for you input Mike
  18. D

    Rifle Scopes Mil reticle question

    I have been using the USO MPR Mil reticle and have found it user friendly for ranging but have not had a chance to use the Gen 2 XR. I was wondering if anyone has compared the two and what you like or dislike about either one. Thanks.
  19. S

    Rifle Scopes RED or GREEN Reticle?

    Looking at reticles, and USO has the option of using a red or green reticle. I know that green is easier on the eyes, etc. reducing fatigue, but I would like to hear from users of both. Any reason to go with one or the other? Pricing is same, so apples or oranges? Thanks for all input!
  20. S

    Rifle Scopes Horus Reticle into USO?

    I know USO can install a Horus H-38 into the scope at time of production, but can it be installed after production? Does it compromise the integrity? Does it still cost $400 to install later as time of production?