Anyone elses Gun clubs getting shut down. 2 with in 10 days.


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Nov 18, 2018
NE Texas
And just to clarify I entered into this venture of opening a range out of the passion I have for long range shooting and wanting to open a facility that shooters can come to and enjoy. Making money was the drive behind what I have done or continue to do.
Kudos to you for following your dream. Building your own shooting range is a helluva commitment. But, because you admitted that you want to try and scratch a few dollars out of it for letting people reap the benefits of YOUR labor, your going to have a few Joe Six-packs out there who think you should just be a good buddy and not worry about what it costs to build the facility, and what it costs to let the public share in the fruits of your sacrifice. Oh no, they have a closet full of guns, too. And, you should just bend over backwards to give a brother a break. They only want to share in your good fortune but not in your hardships.

I wish the best of luck to you, buddy. I hope you can make it go. But, if you have to turn that property into a farm to generate a few dollars, maybe you can cut out a long shooting right-of-way for your own personal range and call it your own.
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Rant Durden

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Mar 18, 2018
Here in SoCal my range was hosting competitions, but just stopped again starting last week.


Mar 6, 2020
It's almost time for the chief complainer to post it was handled exactly like some on here said it would be.

Nice job range guy 👍
No shit.
I wonder if he showed up to shoot the Rockland Precision season finale. Cash prizes and prize tables were stacked and a hot chow line. Matt and Ken did it right.

I shot fkn horribly, but had an absolute blast and look forward to next season.