Anyone using the Leica CRF1000-R?


King of the Shank
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Jan 12, 2011
Lyons, Colorado
I've been narrowing down my choices, based on presumed need and certainly budget, and was wondering if this 'new' version of the CRF1000 has been working out for anyone. Leica has added the 'EHR" (Equivalent Horizontal Range) functionality, which differentiates this model from the from previous CRF1000. Other than that...I believe the unit is the same.

I know the Terrapin is the darling of LRFs, but there is no way I can afford that. In addition, I don't even have easy access to 1000 yd shooting. I'd like to 'think' that I will be using this for applications over 1000 yds...but so far that just hasn't been the case. What I will be using this for is hunting, and whatever target range distance I can find. The angle compensation does seem to be a benefit here.

I had also been looking at the Bushnell Elite 1600--as that would cover my extended long range fantasy--but frankly I seem to read as many negative reviews as positive. One seemingly unanimous consensus is that the readout is too faint. It seems like that unit is a bit of a crap shoot as far as user satisfaction and robustness.

I don't think I'd really use the ballistic features of the new Leica 1600-B, as I would use the Shooter app along with the Kestrel. Basically, that is a feature set I don't think I want to pay for...although you do get the extra range (+$200 price difference...which is tough for me right now).

I just haven't really seen much in the way of actual user experience/reviews with the 1000-R. Anyone here on the Hide that can fill me in?