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Apparently Homeless and Bums is a Huge problem, what to do?

Foul Mike

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Apr 18, 2001
Eastern Colorado
I had a thread in here a while back about my trip to Salt Lake City and all of the Homeless and Bums out there. I was surprised to see how bad it was and is in SLC and have a few ideas as to handle them but am sure that boat won't float.
I understand people being down on their luck for one reason or another and needing some help to get back on their feet, as long as they are willing to accept help and go to work to better themselves. I will help someone like that as best I can.
I live in a very rural area and granted we have a few bums around and also people just down on their luck just as any other area. Those that need or want help are given that but they are also given the opportunity to work too. The ones that don't want to work usually move on.
I had no idea as to how large the Homeless/Bum problem is in our cities. It is pandemic. How did it get this large? Govt. handouts? I think that is a large part of the problem.
Again, I understand the difference between Homeless and down on their luck and need help, but there are a whole lot of them that are just Bums and have absolutely no interest in work and bettering themselves and if offered work for pay will turn it down and sit on their ass waiting for a handout. That needs to change IMHO.
I do believe we need to open up large mental health facilities for them and large camp areas for them to pitch their tents and have potapotties or something like that so they don't just shit in the streets or alongside buildings as that poses health issues to us all. Something needs to change and I think cutting off the Govt. teat is where it should start. We can't just mollycoddle these people and give them what they want at no expense to them be it work on the side of the roadways picking up trash or whatever..
Have you ever gone down where the camping areas are, where they congregate? If not, go look for yourself, they are nothing other than trashdumps and things are not getting better.
They are polluting our public areas, parks, National Forests etc.they are a mess and that affects us all.
Were it up to me I would approach it as the meanest Drill Sgt. ever and it would be "off your Ass and on your feet or things are going to get shitty for you."
What are your thoughts or have you even considered this problem? Regards, FM
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Jul 13, 2001
citrus park ,fl
there are a few areas here that have camps, if you would call the places that.

i know they are people, but damn...

likely senerio, take the kids fishing and you want to fish under bridge such and such, cant, nodda, no dice...

not children friendly, really, not anyone friendly, smells like shit and piss, couple of bums live there...

too many...

begging in the roadways...

no good no how, we need mental institutions


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Jan 8, 2009
Definitely need to open mental institutions again, most are self medicating with alcohol and or drugs to cope, but still don't function enough for most work.

The other point you mention is also key- cutoff welfare or SIGNIFICANTLY reduce it or the situations of who would qualify for it.