SOLD Benchmade 375BK-1 Fixed Adamas with Tony’s Custom Grips


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  • Jan 15, 2005
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    *KEEPING IT* Between stupid people asking stupid questions, fucktards wanting full MSRP trade value on their shit (and usually not even want I want) for my shit that’s deeply discounted, scammers scamming, and people getting payment info and not following through for a variety of reasons it’s basically become painful to sell anything anymore to the point that it just isn’t worth it. My sale items can collect dust for all I care, I don’t need the money or the hassle.

    Selling the two following fixed blade Benchmade knives. Both are brand new never carried or cut anything.

    - *SOLD* Benchmade 539GY Anonimus First Production. I bought all three of these that my local store got the day they were released. My girlfriend and I have each been using one as our camping and hiking knife for over a year now, it’s the best all around fixed blade knife I’ve ever used. Kept this one in the safe as a spare but so far we haven’t needed it. These are $280 new everywhere and you can’t buy the first production anymore and they have collector value. $280 shipped gets it.

    - Benchmade 375BK-1 Fixed Adamas. This is the newest version with CPM-CRUWEAR. Also has Tony’s custom Micarta handles as well as the paracord that Benchmade supplies to wrap it. The Tony’s handles are awesome. These are $250 retail plus another $100 for the handles. $275 $250 shipped gets its.

    Package deal for both knives $500 shipped FIRM. Payment via Zelle, Venmo or USPS MO/certified check.



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