bergara b14r won't extract unfired round from chamber


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Aug 12, 2020
I wouldn't expect a match chamber to extract an unfired round. More surpised if it works- and makes me wonder if the chamber is short enough. Pretty much SOP at a match to get an OK to fire a chambered if time expires. That and a pocket knife to flick out brass.
As others have stated...tight match chamber, unfired rounds might not come back out. Rangemaster, "Fire in the hole!", boom.
Its kind of a known thing, as boxerglocker said. Custom barrel might be really tight by design, and might overcome stock extractor. In this case with a stock rifle, if its really an accurate rifle, that might be part of the deal. Its like having a sports car with tight doesn't exactly handle potholes well...If you don't want major jarring by potholes, move to an easier driving minivan.

Ironically, I'm recently having issues extracting spent brass from my rifle...separate post, off topic.
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Aug 12, 2020
When I called Bergara and told them the issue of not extracting an un-fired round, I was told that I needed to send it back for repair. I don’t know what they did but it extracts just fine now.

"Lets really ream open this chamber. This guy wants a loose gun. We will give it to him." Bubba then repaired the hell out of it. LOL, JK man, I kid only. And now, for testing, a round rattles around in the chamber and can fall out of your chamber if you point it up.


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Apr 2, 2019
OMFG!! #51..... My point exactly....."might overcome stock extractor". Redesign, alter, fix, update, refine
the stock extractor. That is exactly what they did with the rest of the rifle. The smith altered the rest of the gun
for accuracy, why wouldn't you fix the "known thing?"

If I were the smith, I would also address the extractor especially since "it's a know issue."

Once you have solved a problem, all you need do is replicate it. Drive out the pin, enlarge the hole by about .006"
with a hand drill, insert the new spring, re-install the extractor and retain with roll pin. .006" is just over
two human hairs. Nothing that anyone would notice.

I would be prepared for it and resolve it since my name would go with your rifle.
I would have springs that were slightly higher powered and open up the bolt hole by .006" to except them.
All they would need do is uprate the wire size diameter by about .002" or increase the preload. The OP said he
stretched his spring to resolve the issue. That means that all he needed was a few percentage points of increased
spring load.

The Jewell trigger below changes it's trigger weight by changing the trigger spring at position number 3.
They supply you with three springs and that changes the weight from the maximum 48 ounces to 1.5 ounces.
They are the same outer diameter but different wire sizes and length. The sear engagement was left to the factory
It's an #HVRTS-A Right hand and was set to 1# from the factory. It feels great with the ACE trigger shoe btw.
Maybe nicer than my Trigger Tech Diamond set to 4 ounces. All I did was change it to the lightest spring.

I know a guy here on SH that sent his B14R to Mike P? He got it back and was disappointed in it's accuracy. The
smith said that he will get the best accuracy if he used a tuner. The smith didn't send any targets or settings that he used
to get optimum accuracy. So the guy spent almost 1000.00 on a new barrel and tune job that had a tight chamber hoping
that that would fix the factory accuracy. Almost fixing one problem and creating another is not a solution.

Do you think any Indy car driver, team or owner is willing to compromise on anything except for the cars life cycle?
Professionals / experts, insure that everything works in concert because that are what they are paid to do!

Some things can not be helped but the simple problem of extracting an unfired round is not one of them.
It's an elementary problem that is currently be resolved with a pocket knife or a cleaning rod.

How do you allow yourselves to have such low expectations?? Would you except that at your job that
you are familiar with or do you let it slide because it's not something that you have done your entire life and feel
stuck with the opinion's of the masses? It used to be a fact that the world was flat and everyone knew it.


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