Buenos dias from New Mexico


Jun 23, 2018
Hello everyone, not necessarily new to the Hide, but thought I'd circle back around and do a proper introduction. I'm a long time shooter and hunter but only came into the long range side of things within the last five years. As an avid coyote hunter, I got to a point where my stalking, calling, and hunting techniques were producing great results and I'd almost always see coyotes every trip out. It was the really smart coyotes though, the ones that hang up out at 400-600 yards beyond the reach of my traditional 22-250 Rem type rifles, that got me thinking about taking my shooting to the next level. Years later and now I'm shooting PRS, some F-Class, and reloading to maximize rifle performance. Sniper's Hide has been a great resource in the journey and lots of fun to interact with. Thanks to all!