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Building a pair for varmints


Full Member
Oct 16, 2013
Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'd appreciate your opinion. I am beginning to collect the pieces to build 2 varmint rifles for me and my son. They will be .223Wylde with heavy 1:7 barrels for bench shooting. I'm looking at stripped upper receivers and I'd like a heavier receiver. I noticed DPMS offers a Match receiver, 7075, (no forward assist, no dust cover) and it has heavier wall thickness. Does anyone have knowledge or experience with these?
Thanks for your help.
I have dealt with a lot of DPMS uppers for myself and customers, many who were looking for mid range accuracy, and have not ever dealt with them. Are they really needed?
You don't need a 1-7 twist barrel, as a 1-8 twist will shoot well on all bullets up to 80 grains, and a 1-8 will be better and easier on bullets weighing less than 60 grains driven at high velocity. The 1-7 twist was selected by the military for tracer, composite core M855, and M955 AP, which you are unlikey to be using on varmints.

As far a uppers, I would not give a DPMS upper even to somebody I did not like. Go with a quality upper like Seekins Precision IRMT3 or Vltor MUR or Mega billet for example.