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  1. dzz

    looking to convert LR-308 DPMS gen 1 .308 barrel to 6.5 prc

    Hi, I have LR-308 DPMS gen 1 in .308 caliber gun and I'd like to convert it to 6.5 PRC. It is really difficult to find 6.5 PRC upper or 6.5 PRC barrel and BCG. Ideally, I'd like to just get new upper but if there is no other way, then replace my .308 barrel and BCG. I am looking for...
  2. Surdez1994

    WTB 22 creed ar 10 barrel (DPMs pattern)

    I have a savge msr10 in 6.5 creed and want to lighten it up with a carbon fiber 22 creedmoor barrel. its a dpms pattern barrel. Anyone have one they want to get rid of??
  3. Dvando20

    SASS barrels, any still kicking around?

    Trying to find a DPMS SASS .308 barrel for my current project. I know they were all over the place a few years ago but now i can't find a single one.
  4. Dvando20

    WTB WTB: DPMS LR308 Barrel

    Looking for a factory DPMS .308 SASS barrel or an OEM .308 bull barrel for my slick-side LR308.
  5. Dvando20

    WTB DPMS LR308 lower in Mass!

    Looking to buy a DPMS LR308 lower in the state of Massachusetts, private sale only, all MIRCS laws and regulations apply. Can be stripped, partial or complete. I have plenty of parts. Just too many hoops to jump through right now to buy out of state. Trying to complete an OEM rifle.
  6. Dvando20

    Accessories WTB: DPMS LR308 sportical quadrail

    Looking to find an original factory DPMS LR308 Sportical (Ultra high top) 12.5" quad rail hand guard. Can be seen in the discontinued listing on Midway in the picture. Can't find one for sale, let alone a pic of a rifle with one on it. Hope somebody out there has one laying around.

    Accessories SOLD

    Hey guys, Going a different route and want to sell the complete upper with one box through it. It’s priced to move and a complete pms responded. 16” DMPS Barrel, DMPS BCG, aero upper receiver, Samson 15” mlok handguard, 7.5” carbine GB. Comes with everything in the pic minus the 2 pic rails...
  8. Dvando20

    DPMS LR-308B Target model questions

    Just picked up an older DPMS LR308B target high profile upper with the extra high rail. It came with the original tube hand guard. What is out there for quad rails with steel barrel nuts that will allow me to keep the railed gas block? I can't find any that are tall enough to be monolithic. I...
  9. Dvando20

    Accessories ISO: DPMS LR308 bull barrel

    I am looking for an original 24" DPMS 308 bull barrel for my slick side upper. Other brands are an option, but would like to stay with DPMS to keep it all one brand.
  10. Dvando20

    Firearms ISO DPMS LR308 bull barrel

    I am looking for an original 24" DPMS 308 bull barrel for my slick side upper. Other brands are an option, but would like to stay with DPMS to keep it all one brand.
  11. X

    DPMS G2 ( Gen2 GII ) Compatability

    I feel like there isn't enough information out there about what exactly is and isn't compatible with the DPMS G2. I'm hoping that everyone who is in the know can help fix that problem by filling this thread with that information. Please help me out guys, I am a new owner who is new to the ar...
  12. C

    Rifle Scopes Gap in between Steiner SCOPE and Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube DPMS 308

    I got a DPMS 308 24" with the Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube.... I bought a slighthly use steiner scope 5-25x56 with 34mm TPS rings, either low 1.025" or medium 1.185":confused: My question is if the gap in between the bottom of the scope and top of the tube it is ok? or a need more...
  13. The Rat 71505

    bullet Weight for a DPMS Lite Hunter .243 20" 1-10

    Just bought a new DPMS Lite Hunter .243 with a 20" 1-10 twist barrel. I haven't shot the gun yet. Just wondering what you guys think about bullets for it. Looking to hunt coyotes and deer, how heavy/light of a bullet can I shoot out of it accurately? Thanks!
  14. C

    DPMS LR 308 lite 24"....height from middle of barrel to top of rail(For balistic purposes)

    Need to know the height in inches from the middle of the barrel to the top of the rail on my DPMS 308 24" I have: Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 3-9x40mm AR-P.E.P.R. QD Mount I’m using several apps and the one I like more is Ballistic AE I know this is real important when making your...
  15. D

    LR-308 Build Question: Forward Assist

    I am in the middle of assembling an upper for an LR-308. The upper is from a SI Defense receiver set, DPMS forward assist assembly, DPMS 308 forward assist spring, and DPMS BCG. I installed the forward assist into the upper. It's worth noting that this upper does not use a roll pin, it uses a...
  16. T

    Building a pair for varmints

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'd appreciate your opinion. I am beginning to collect the pieces to build 2 varmint rifles for me and my son. They will be .223Wylde with heavy 1:7 barrels for bench shooting. I'm looking at stripped upper receivers and I'd like a heavier receiver. I noticed...
  17. D

    New DPMS .308 and have questions!

    I just bought a DPMS AP4.308 and its my first .308...but not my first AR. I am a newbie to LR shooting but very interested in it. So I have a few questions for you guys? 1.What's up with these crap metal mags they come with that don't feed for SH*T??? 2.My rifle has a collapsable stock and I...
  18. dustinlotz

    I bought a DPMS LR for $650!

    Yep. Just as the title reads. I was working a gun show this past weekend and I ran across this great deal. The gun was a regular DPMS LR 308 (slick top). The guy had the barrel cut down to 20". The weird thing was he didn't have any factory mags with it or a case. I'm thinking he built...

    DPMS SASS RIFLE I need a review

    I am thinking of buying this rifle.all I have found on review search is how pretty it looks.I need a review about this rifle.
  20. C

    Gunsmithing Armalite vs DPMS

    I am begining to put together an AR-10 and I need some advice! I have an Armalite lower and bolt! I like the DPMS 18" barrel and need to know if it will match up if I try to configure it that way???