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May 16, 2010
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Posted September 02, 2014 11:42 AM

We are currently working out the details, looking at options, etc.
To bring carbine operator to the Reno area, we need about 12-14 students to sign up to get me and Doc out there.

Here is the question-

Our host is partial to looking at doing it this fall, and looking at my and Doc's schedule, November is the only time we can fit it in. That is two months away. A very short turn around. We find that it is MUCH easier to make a class a go with a 6-9 month lead time. We also have found out that only about 20 percent of the "I'm in" folks actually follow through and sign up.

I'm good with working with our host and trying to put something together on short notice. I'm also good with plugging it into the schedule for next spring, and if it works out a pistol course in the fall.

I just ask you all to look deep within your abilities to follow through before you say that you are in. All that means for some is that they put down a deposit, make arrangements, and it costs them money when we have to cancel because people back out.

This isn't a gig on folks that back out. Life happens. People get hurt, bills come up, etc and we get that. We just want to ensure that we don't screw over the people who put down money, buy airline tickets, etc only to have to cancel.

So, which will it be?

Try something in November?

Hold off until the spring?

Let me know what the consensus is.


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