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Gunsmithing Custom Barrel Shanks Size


Full Member
Sep 12, 2009
Up North
I have a Remington 700 SA I am thinking of rebarreling. I want to fit a barrel the same as the OEM heavy barrel. I know that's a Remington 'Sendero' or 'Varmint' contour, but I'm concerned about the shank length. I seem to remember reading that the shank lengths on a custom barrels are longer than the Remington's- Is this true?

I have a painted Edge stock so I want to avoid milling.
Re: Custom Barrel Shanks Size

Do you want a blank or a prethread?
Blanks seriously vary by manufacturer, you can always cut it off from the back forward to get your taper to match. But if you mess anything up, you don't have a great deal of room to go forward.
A prethread contour should drop right in with the potential for only minor fitting.
Re: Custom Barrel Shanks Size

We make the remington varmint as a standard contoured barrel. The breech length etc...is all standard.

On requests we do make the breech lengths longer etc...

Go to our website and click on contours. The #13 listed is the standard Rem. Varmint.

Later, Frank
Bartlein Barrels
Re: Custom Barrel Shanks Size

You can cut part of the shank off to make the blank fit your stock or send the take off in and have a custom contour turned to match.
Re: Custom Barrel Shanks Size

Thank you for the replies everyone. I'm happy there are few ways to skin this cat. I really did want to mess with the stock.