Custom OAL AICS Pattern Magazines on Tikka T3 DBM?


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  • Aug 22, 2020
    Clarksville, TN
    Just acquired a Tikka T3 that happened to have the long action magazine DBM installed. I'm having it re-barreled with a Proof Carbon 1:10" 24" Sendero profile barrel, chambering it in .308 (Bisley 150 Palma chamber), and able to support everything from the Berger 175 OTM to the 220 SMK.

    Rather than buying new DBM for a short action setup I'd like to run the cartridges extra long and I plan on running the throat out to 0.170" to favor the Berger 200.20X and the expert advice I've received from much more accomplished shooters than me. As an added benefit the SMK 210s and 220s will be seated a scosh deeper than caliber length and about 0.010" above the transition to the boat-tail. Win win.

    Is anyone making inserts and followers for the front of long action AICS pattern magazines that support 3.100" COAL with maybe a little ramp to aid feeding?