Suppressors CZ 2075 Rami 9mm


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Mar 6, 2003
Jackson, MS
Picked up the Rami 9mm today for a steal. I shoot a CZ75B SA a good bit and it's the most accurate pistol I have ever shot. Was hoping the Rami would at least come close to the full size CZ. This little pistol FAR MORE accurate than I hoped for. It runs circles around my G26 and G19. The Sig 226 comes close but it's a Sig up against a subcompact pistol that costs half the price. At 15 yards 2" 5 shot groups were common. My only issue with it is the trigger. It's terrible. Lots of take up, mush, over travel, HEAVY and gritty.

Any suggestions on a CZ smith to clean up the trigger. I slick up all my Glock triggers but the CZ looks like it's a lot more to it.