Eberlestock J107M or equivalent


Jun 2, 2014

Just someone stole my J107M which served 6-7 yrs as wished. Now looks not being available at Eberlestock any more? What could be even nearly as good for passionate hunter with following specification:
-Gun scabbard between body and the bag (this i prefer) and big enough for sniper rifle
- Expandable system like J107M. IF it was a must, moose legs on main compartment, other materials in extra bag outside (attached by zip). In normal mode it's much smaller
- Durable for such a loads….Ergonomy was not optimal as the balance gets more away of your back when expanding, but all you can't gat at one pack...
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May 28, 2020

Kifaru have three options that might be of interest:

1. The closest to what you're describing is the Mountain Rambler (not their Mountain Warrior). You can find videos about the system on the Rokslide channel: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kifaru+mountain+rambler+rokslide

The pack is now discontinued, but secondhand Ramblers come up on Rokslide every so often: https://www.rokslide.com/forums/forums/rokslide-classifieds.88/

2. Their current option for carrying a rifle up the back of a pack is the Sherman Pocket: https://store.kifaru.net/sherman-pocket-p278.aspx

3. They also used to do a Long Range Hunter Scabbard. This is still available from The Extreme Store: https://www.extremestore.us/kifaru-long-range-hunter-scabbard-with-lid/

It's designed to work well with the Nomad 2 pack: https://www.extremestore.us/kifaru-nomad-2-pack-w-frame-medium-24/

These are three quite different options, providing for different styles of hunting, levels of protection, and so on.

They do also have a Gun Bearer, but this holds the rifle to the side of your body for faster deployment, so not the criteria you mentioned about running between the body and the bag ... but it works well for hunting.

Kifaru are often considered one of the 'big three' in high-end packs, and a lot of people who've previously used Eberlestock and other brands (myself included) would now never go back.

Hope that's of some help! :)
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