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Email from [email protected] - scam?


Feb 9, 2024
South Carolina
I got an email that says it's from "Sniper's Hide Forum <[email protected]>"

It says: "StuartV, We have noticed that you have not yet completed your profile at Sniper's Hide Forum!" blah blah blah.

It gives several links for me to click to, ostensibly, get to the forum and/or go to in order to complete my account.

All these links are to a domain of "u25997104.ct.sendgrid.net".

Is this a legit email from Sniper's Hide?

It certainly does not look like it. The email address is .net, instead of .com. And the links are to that sendgrid.net domain.

But, I am an IT professional and I can also understand how it is POSSIBLE that it is legit. Thus why I'm asking.

And if it's not legit, how did someone get the email address associated with my SH username?
All of my SnipersHide email alerts come from [email protected].
The links in those alerts also point to SendGrid, and the email alert was sent from SendGrid's email servers.
Specifically, it links go to u25997104.ct.sendgrid.net

They're DKIM also signed and pass SPF checks. If you check your mail headers, you should see the dkim headers too.
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I stand corrected.
Agree with checking mail headers and the sort. Having 2 domains is weird..

Just checked whois domain lookup, just a forwarding company on both. Hoping to see Franks name or something.. nope.
With any organization you participate in be it a bank, forum, vendor, I generally go directly to the site instead of using links within an email.
An exception might be an email you requested and got a timely response.
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Having 2 domains is weird..

It's was common practice when you're a bulk emailer. You keep your emails/domain that have a high likelihood of getting marked as spam separate from your legit business emails. Now that you need DKIM and SPF if you're a bulk emailer (for passing through Google/Yahoo), there may be less of a need for it, but it's still probably a good idea.
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:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: (<-- me laughing at those of you that know so little about how "IT" works that you think my questions were dumb)

As you were. Condescending as it was, Lowlight answered my question.

Peace, out.
“I’m an IT professional.”

Sure bud. Having a MySpace account doesn’t make you a “network administrator” either.
But but but, that friend of mine Tom said I was the best myspacer EVER