First Pelican/Storm Shipping (Foam Question)


Nov 7, 2011
I'm still figuring out whether I'll be transporting the rifle via airline or UPS...but this is my first time transporting a rifle. How much foam would you recommend that I have around the edges of the rifle inside the case (such as between the end of the rifle and the hard case)? Is an inch adequate? I have to determine what size case to get and would prefer one that isn't a monster.


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Re: First Pelican/Storm Shipping (Foam Question)

Depends on the rifle, but if you truly need the protection of the case 1" is going to be a minimum. I would suggest more like 2"

Don't put anything in the case that you don't need to ship with it. I.E. don't pack it with mags, ammo, cleaning gear, etc.

You don't use Pelican Cases because you want light or compact. You use a Pelican because you want it to get there in working order.


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Aug 24, 2010
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Re: First Pelican/Storm Shipping (Foam Question)

Recently, I've been flying from San Diego to Omaha to participate in F-class competitions at the range where I used to live. I have carried both my GAP Crusader and Hospitaller to these comps via airline, using Pelican 1750 cases for each.

When I cut out a hole for the rifle in the (middle layer) foam insert for each rifles' specific case, I made sure the rifle/scope was centered so that it had several inches foam between it and the sides of the case. Once the hole was cut, I then used clear 100% silicone glue/caulk very liberally between the middle foam insert with the hole cut out and the bottom insert, put some books evenly spaced on top of the middle layer as weights, then let it dry for a couple days.

I have had no problems (so far) and this setup seems pretty robust as far as protection of the rifle goes. Each rifle fits in its little hole pretty snugly and I leave the bolts in when I close the case, which helps keep everything nice and tight.