!!FIX!!Auto charge powder dispenser overcharge.


Jun 1, 2020
I've been having overcharge issues with my Hornady auto charge powder dispenser. I've slowed down the speed, adjusted the time so it stops feeding and trickles the last 2.8gr and tried multiple straw configurations. My biggest issue is when running the Hodgdon Superperformance and Ramshot magnum powders. The straw trick works great with the cylindrical powders but not the smaller spherical powders.
Well I found a $0.96 fix for my issues. I purchased a #8-32 x 15/32 inch expansion nut. It threads into the end of the dispensing tube and tada...i ran 20 charge cycles and not once did it go over. I was even able to run the speed on fast with no delay. It also almost eliminates the mess from the powder bouncing out of the tray when feeding.I will try it out with the cylindrical powders next. I might have to open it up a little to get it working well feeding the other powders. I will try to remember to update this post when I do try it out.
I hope this helps someone.
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