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m1a convert

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Mar 29, 2003
Idaho Falls
I have an IOR and can't get it to focus.

The reticle seems blurry and as I twist the focus knob it will get crisp but then appear blurry shortly after.

Does this have something to do with my eyes compensating for an out of focus scope or something?

What is the proper way to adjust the scope?



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Jan 8, 2009
Re: Focusing an IOR

Are you referring to the ocular focus ring or the side parallax? The ocular focus ring is set by focusing your reticle against a light colored wall or the sky (not directly in the sun). Look at your reticle, twist the ocular focus ring until the reticle is at it's most focused point, stop adjusting, or it will go out of focus again.

Side parallax focus is to adjust the parallax effect out of the scope to the range of your target. Ignore the readings on the side of the scope regarding distance and let your eye tell you when the target is in focus.

Also: parallax, side focus adjustments on the IOR's rarely work closer than 25-35 yds.


Lt. Colonel
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Sep 18, 2003
Gilbert AZ
Re: Focusing an IOR

If you get it dialed in it shouldn't change.
Point the rifle at a light colored object (wall sky etc). Look though.
If it isn't clear IMMEDIATELY it isn't adjusted.
Its easy to stay staring through the scope while adjusting for long enough only to have your eyes strain and focus on the reticle. Then when you look through it again its not crisp.

Only look through it briefly. If not in focus turn the adjustment 1/2 turn and peek again. If its worse, go the other way.


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Jun 5, 2008
Re: Focusing an IOR

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: m1a convert</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I am talking about the ocular focus.

Thats the only focus on a scope....


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Nov 3, 2007
Re: Focusing an IOR

Do you own other similar scopes, IE with side-focus parallax or adjustable objective? Any problems with those?

I would test the scope very thoroughly this weekend if you've just received it and it is Brand New. Don't wait. If you have a problem, inform the dealer you bought from and ask for a replacement on Monday or Tuesday.

If the scope is mounted, put the rifle in a supported rest position and begin testing the scope at 75-100yds. A sign with various sizes of text and different object shapes is a decent test target.

Evaluate the scope at each level of magnification. At lowest power and every other indicated level. Do you notice any distortion of sight picture? Is outer area of sight picture different from the central area? Are straight lines and square objects correct? Any fuzziness or softening of image anywhere you can see? Take notes of any defects.

You say the reticle won't stay sharp? Does it sharpen up when parallax is adjusted? Does the inner/outer area of the sight picture change?

Have your wife or friends give you their opinions and see if they have the same problems.

If the scope is Brand New and you've had no other similar problems with other scope brands you've owned, I would return the scope to the dealer for replacement or refund if you can't get this problem sorted out in a couple of hours. The tendency is to believe you are doing something wrong, but if you've never had these problems with any other scope you've owned, you just have to understand the scope is defective.

Scopesights are complex instruments with lots of moving parts. Hope you get yours sorted out or refunded/replaced.

Natty Bumpo

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Feb 21, 2008
Re: Focusing an IOR

I have an IOR 16X42 scope. I can't speak for their other models, but on mine, you cannot lock the ocular focus ring after you get it to your liking. On many other scopes, you can.