1. C

    SOLD WTS - IOR 2-16x42 w/ Leupold Mk6 IMS Mount $1300 obo

    For sale sale is a IOR Valdada 2-16x42. This optic is in Mil's and features the Xtreme X1 reticle. It comes with a Leupold Mk6 IMS mount and its accessories. Everything shown is what is available. I do not have a box for this. The optic works, I just no longer need this. I might be interested...
  2. T

    Tikka CTR vs CZ 557 vs Steyr SSG 69

    Someone please convince to stop playing around and to just get a Tikka CTR in 6.5 CM, but a Razor HD Gen II variable 18x on it and just call it a day. Please, please stop me from doing what my heart tells me to do: Buying a beautiful CZ 557 Varminter in .308 and putting a USO Foundation fixed...
  3. Helmet

    Rifle Scopes Experience with IOR Valdada 16x42 fixed scope

    I am considering getting one of these soon. Anyone have any experience with this model? It's one of their least expensive scopes.
  4. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes IOR 3-18x second focal plain BLUR!

    ok got a 3-18x IOR that I like. I was resetting the zero because im getting new, lower, seekins rings in 35mm for it so I wanted to top it out so I had the most elevation to work(yeah I know that's not going to give me more elevation all together per say but you get the idea). anyhow, topped it...
  5. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes IOR lens cover question

    I recently purchased an IOR 2-12x32 (which is really nice!). I'd like to put some lens covers on it, but due to the shape of the eyepiece I'm not sure if this will work. Any suggestions?
  6. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell 2.5-16x 6500 ELITE VS 3-18x IOR.....

    or other high end scopes like nightforce or leupold. How does the 2.5-16x compare in clarity to: IOR Leupold Nightforce ?
  7. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes ior 3-18x and scope base

    has anyone been able to get to 1000 yards with their ior 3-18x for a .308 with a 20 moa base given that the scope itself only has 50 moa?
  8. K_4c

    Rifle Scopes Horus, IOR or Burris 1-4X? still looking for help!

    I'm looking at 1-4x30mm for my RRA coyote 20". They are the Horus "talon" or burris "xtr" 1-4 and the 4x24 M2 IOR/Valdada Tactical Rifle Scope, .223 Caliber - with CQB reticle. I really want a reticle that offers some sort of BDC that will offer holds at extended ranges (400 to 500 meters). Any...
  9. Lucks

    Rifle Scopes IOR SH edition question

    I recently bought an IOR snipers hide edition 3x18x42 scope. I read on a thread where guys where talking about having a generation 1 or generation 2, or generation 3 SH scope. How would I know what generation (version) mine is. I haven't mounted the scope on my gun yet either. If anyone has...
  10. Shumba

    Rifle Scopes IOR 2.5-10x FFP Illuminated scope - 50 BMG proof?

    Thanks. Found the answer
  11. M

    Rifle Scopes Focusing an IOR

    I have an IOR and can't get it to focus. The reticle seems blurry and as I twist the focus knob it will get crisp but then appear blurry shortly after. Does this have something to do with my eyes compensating for an out of focus scope or something? What is the proper way to adjust the scope...
  12. C

    Rifle Scopes looking for advice - trading out an IOR

    Hey all, A ways back I was on here looking for advice and got some great tips. I wound up going with an IOR 3-18x42 scope from Scott at Liberty Optics. Well I found that I want something a little lower power, smaller, and lighter as I changed out guns and its going to be going on an SPR type...
  13. mjh30

    Rifle Scopes IOR 16x42 v SWFA 16x42 v MK4 M1 16x40

    These are the three scopes that I have been thinking about, distances about 600 to 800 yards, its a 308, so I am not really planning on going any further. Opinions, thoughts, obviously price difference, is across the board and may become an issue. Thanks for any opinions and advice, SWFa $312...
  14. Mumbles

    Rifle Scopes IOR Pitbull Has anyone used this? Is Scott going to sell it? Is it a true 1x or just close? Is it even available? I want one. I don't have a reason for it though, I'm only halfway done putting together the AR it would...
  15. F

    Rifle Scopes IOR Thoughts?

    Can any of the IOR Valada folks chime in here and advise the Pro and Con of the scope line. I am looking a a mid range model under 6 bills. Thanks
  16. J

    Rifle Scopes NEW IOR Pitbull?

    Has anyone seen anything on this scope? Seems to be just what I am looking for. It's selectable either a No Mag scope or a 1/4 turn of a ring and it's a 4x scope. All with an illuminated BDC horseshoe reticle. IOR Pitbull Can anyone point me to some reviews? Supposed to be available at...
  17. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes IOR 3-18x with mp8 reticle

    anyone ever have problems with the top turret being stiffer than the windage? also how does the mp8 reticle work? is it moa or milrad?
  18. S

    Rifle Scopes IOR LRT 4x24- 308

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Valdada IOR Long Range Tactical Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4x 24mm 308 M1 Turret Illuminated Nato MP-9 Reticle Matte</span> Anyone have any experience with these? I have a chance to pick pne up at about $350, and wonder how well it will work on an M1A Scout or DSA...
  19. D

    Rifle Scopes IOR vs Nightforce

    I have been offered a new IOR 3-18 FFP at a very good price. This price is $600 cheaper than a new 5.5-22 Nightforce. Would this be a good buy comparitive to the NF for the purpose of medium to long range hunting and a bit of F class. Hunting ranges would be 500 to 900. I have researched the 2...
  20. padronanniversary

    Rifle Scopes IOR 10X at 50 yards

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has tried using an IOR at 50 yards. I noticed sometimes I have a hard time focusing in on the recticle and the target at this distance. 100 yards is no issue at all. Was using this with a rimfire, and wanted to use it at 50, 100, and 200 yards.