For the New Year


Gunny Sergeant
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Jul 16, 2006
manchester, tn
I am wanting to take some of my non-shooting coworkers and friends to the range. I say they are "non-shooting", but they are more gunowners than shooters.

A couple of days ago I took a former Marine and coworker to a square range. He had not shot a hi-powered boomdinger in a long time and both of us had a ball. I got some load development data and at the same time had some excellent fellowship with a fine gentleman. He currently does not own a centerfire rifle, but after squeezing off a few .75" groups with my GAP and Howard Pitts rifles he started asking the "how much," "what scope do I need" questions.

I believe he and I are going Tuesday morning, also. He said he wants to go, but has to check with the wife. He is not a full-fledged gun nut as of yet, so I am going to indulge his attempts at domestic courtesy.

A lot of folks that are gunowners have something inside of them that wants to be more of a shooter than an owner. I want to help. I have taken girlfriends shooting and had a ball. The thing to remember is that the day is for them. This topic has been discussed several times. It is not like taking a salty veteran out for some heavy range time. It has to be fun for them. Leave your expectations for getting serious work done at home.

I am going to try to convert some owners into shooters in 2012.


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Feb 9, 2004
clarksville, IN
Re: For the New Year

That is always a fun time. I'm retired. & can't afford to do that much anymore, but still try every now & then to take a newby or an out of practice friend to the range. Glad there are fellas like You out there that will step up.