Frigidaire woes redux.


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Apr 13, 2017
Central Texas
So a couple months ago I had a thread about the issues I was having with a Frigidaire double wall oven an how that company sucks balls. I did get the circuit board repaired by Circuit Board Medics and it now works fine.
So, here's round two. Wifey says there's some water under the refer so I'm thinking maybe no big deal, water line for the ice/water dispenser maybe came lose so I pull the unit out from the wall and cabinet enclosure and holy chit there's about a 2" wide x 18" long strip of frost/ice build up on the back panel and it's totally rusted through in a couple spots. So I'm thinking maybe a leak to the ice maker?
No It's obviously a refer coil/line not properly insulated on the inside of the fridge back panel so it's causing condensation to form and freeze be cause of ambient humidity (central Texas).
No hope in fixing and this is a seven year old supposedly "high end" Frigidaire Gallery stainless french door unit. So I said fuck it and after researching new fridges bought a Samsung 27'4 cubic ft. Side by side at Best Buy. Also looked at GE and Kitchen Aid but ratings weren't much better for a good deal more bucks.
Being a retired HVAC guy I like the Samsung inverter controlled scroll compressor and 10 year warranty on electronics.
bottom line, Frigidaire sucks and I was talking to our builder a couple days ago on another issue and they said they quit doing frigidaire kitchen suite appliance packages about seven years ago and went with GE.