GAP Grind 2022 - Looking for a PRO partner to make a team.


Nov 6, 2020
Gallatin, TN
I’m looking for a pro for the Gap Grind!

I’m looking for a competitive partner. I’d like to share wind speed calls in mph, talk about what you’re going in with and what it took as you are coming off the line. I’ll share the same.

I have a nice MPA 6mm CM "production" setup, Magnetospeed V3, full size gamechanger and a Kestrel 5700 elite with AB and LINK. I have been an RO for a match and have been practicing position building and shooting this year. I want to learn. This will be my first actual match.

I am based out of Nashville, TN so if you live relatively close and want to ride together I am all for it as well. Hoping to get lucky and find a pro and register before individual sign ups become open. Right now, only teams can register. THERE IS ONLY 19 teams left as of right now registration.
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