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Aug 22, 2017
Hudson, MA
I have 5x Glock 40 S&W full size mags. Gen 4 15 Rnd mags with +5 extentions. 3 With Dawson Precision black base pads and springs and 2 with Taran Tactical blue with springs. $45 each plus flat rate shipping $8.45 All 5 shipped $200
1x Gen 4 Glock 35 Lone Wolf Extended and Ported barrel 700-800 rounds on barrel. $100 shipped.
2x 300WM 5rd 3.715 AICS pattern magazines. One Accurate Mag metal and one Magpul LA magnum magazine Sold

glock mags 1.jpg

glock mags 2.jpg

glock 35 barrel.jpg

glock 35 barrel 2.jpg
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