Good Chronograph for indoors?


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Jan 12, 2011
Lyons, Colorado
I'm looking to pick up a chronograph...I think it is past due as I feel I'm missing a critical part of load development. Flyin' blind so to speak.

Anyway, I was looking to keep the whole thing under $200, if possible, and I was looking at the ProChrono Digital, as well as the CED M2.

The catch is, I really will need to use this at the indoor range the most, as I'm not able to reliably find a place outside (that is easy to get to).

The ProChrono seems to get great reviews on Midway, and the CED gets some tough ones. Both seem to be great units.

The CED has infrared panels...which really prices it out at $100 additional, and the ProChrono has a light attachment thing that is ~$50. That is still in the Xmas present range.

Will I need to use these if I'm indoors?

Thanks for the help!


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Mar 30, 2004
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Re: Good Chronograph for indoors?

I have the CED and love it. My opinion is that you WILL need the infrared panels for use indoors though.