Night Vision Got a new NV compatable M203 sight mount!

SGT Fish @ChevTec Group

Nov 15, 2020
Found a clone of the KAC quadrant optical sight for my M203. Debating on what optic to mount on it, probably will just use a holosun 407k to keep it cheap and durable. I needed a way to aim under NVGs since i was coerced into selling my psq-18a. (Ahem @Eliteuas ahem) 😆 🤣

I was looking to make a similar setup to this for a 407c by using parts from a damaged carry handle quadrant sight, but in my research for details, I found this airsoft branded mount and took a chance on it being a true clone. Pleasantly surprised with the quality of it. It came with a dummy red dot that I tossed in a bin. From what I've read, the original KAC units came with a crappy red dot that ate batteries and you couldn't turn off.

Just thought I'd share in my excitement. I may still make my own version that has a pic rail for the optic and mounts to a flat top pic rail for my other grenade launcher. It'd be cool if I could mount a big window optic and adjust for elevation like the sights on an M32


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