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Have you ever bought anything because of an add?


Major Hide Member
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Apr 29, 2019
Payson, AZ
Oh they could have. But they're not actually advertising, they're virtue signaling.

Like the douchebags that "advertise" if you buy our cheap chinese crap, we'll donate some cheap chinese crap to crack hoes.


Koala Gladiator
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  • Mar 3, 2021
    they seriously couldn't take their mask off for the commercial hahhaha lame
    I guess i didnt really notice it when i ordered, probably because i dont give 2 fucks what other people do. I mean do yall go yell at people making your food to not wear a mask? Do you say take the mask off pussy to the grocery store clerk? Would you turn down getting laid cause she had a mask on? When you bitch about it instead of just minding your own buisness then you virtue signal too, just for a different set of virtues. Every whiny bitch on each side of the fence, is still a whiny BITCH.