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Rifle Scopes Hawke Frontier tracking issues

Rodney Thompson II

May 10, 2019
Anyone having tracking or POI issues with the Hawke Frontier. I bought this scope last year with no issues and it stayed in my safe until this deer season. First test shot before hunting I was hitting almost 6 inches high at 100 yards. After dialing it back in to 1.7 inches high. I set out to hunt and first shot at a deer I almost missed at less than 200. The scope is the 5x30x56 in SFP. Went back to the range and it was shooting 4 inches to the left and about 7 inches high. The gun is a Remington 700 XCR Tactical in 300 Win Mag and is a sub MOA gun all day long with good factory ammo. Ammo is Hornady Precision Hunter in 200gr ELD-X. Also I'm a decent shot lol but it was shot from a lead sled with little to no wind. I'm thinking it may be an internal spring issue but was curious if anyone else using this scope has had any similar issues. I've re-zeroed it several times during our rifle season and it will not hold zero. Any info on this will be appreciated!