Help choosing components. .223 lightweight build


Nov 30, 2021
Hello, I’ve done lots of reading and think I’m ready to start building a bolt gun and get into reloading. I want to start with a lightweight .223. 16” barrel. My wait for a Nomad LTi is halfway over, so far only hosts are a 18” AR and an AK I’ll get rethreaded.

So far the plan is,

Defiance action
Grayboe trekker stock
Triggertech trigger

Main concerns are bottom metal and scope mounting.

Which bottom metal works with the Magpul 10 round .223 aics pattern mags? I use Magpul for everything else so I figure I’ll stick with them for this gun also.

Will lightweight Talley rings hamper any longer range shooting? Different height bases for elevation is a newer concept to me.

Main use is going to be plinking and a lightweight and sleek gun to carry about the land hiking and 4 wheeling.

Have not chosen a barrel/contour either.

Any advice for fleshing out the other components?