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Help Me ID This Rifle Please!!


Oct 20, 2021
Vero Beach, FL
Hello Folks,

I purchased this former Santa Rosa, CA Police Department rifle at an auction. Please see the attached pictures and help me ID it. It came with HS Precision Gen 1 bottom metal. I could not find any Gen 1 .308 magazines so I replaced it with factory REM700 floorplate and blind magazine. It came with a Shilen trigger, Leupold Mark 4 "old school" base and TPS steel rings, a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14X50 with M1 turrets and Duplex reticle, a Kenton elevation turret calibrated for Hornady 155 Grain TAP .308 ammunition, a Pic saddle for forward mounted NVD, and a Harris BR swivel bipod. The barrel has no markings and looks to be light varmint profile with blended muzzle brake and cut rifling. The action appears to have been blueprinted and it has a thicker than factory recoil lug. I think it might be an early HS Precision HTR or a Shilen custom. I have already reached out to HSP and Shilen but no response yet. Any help IDing this rig would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Semper Fidelis,

Chris SRPD1.jpgSRPD2.jpgSRPD3.jpg
Rifle is from about 1980-86ish.
I can't tell you much else as I'm not a professional. But there are many on here that have a wealth of knowledge. Looks to be a well put together rifle. How does it shoot?
I’m not a hundred percent positive either. But I can tell you my H.S. 300win has the threads like yours for back up irons and a thick recoil lug.

CA police department eh?
Please tell me this isn’t a rifle they stole from someone and sold for profit 😞

Looks nice, how’s she shoot? My biggest concern would be the possible bad juju
Call Remington Customer Service and give them your information and they will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the rifle.

Good Luck!
yes i can too i retired 2 years ago after 40 and two different depts. i really can see them not responding but i think its sad.
Call Remington Customer Service and give them your information and they will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the rifle.

Good Luck!
Respectfully, this will not get the OP meaningful info.

With the current Remington train wreck still smoking, I would be totally shocked if they have an active Customer Service much less someone tasked with accessing SN archives. I really wouldn't be surprised to find out their archived info is in some filing cabinet or microfiche recently auctioned off.

Even if Remington responds and has access to the rifle's production history, I am 100% sure it will still not assist the OP.
That rifle was not built by Remington nor the Remington Custom Shop.
If they return any info to the OP, I guarantee it was shipped as a standard M700 BDL, ADL or Varmint with factory wood stock.

I think the only chance of getting any hits on the details would be to do an internet search on every shop in their area that was capable of doing rifle work then.

Many agencies will have work done by shops far away but many also try to have locals do their work. The rifle has mostly bolt-on mods, an out of the box H.S.P. stock and generic barrel work. So it could have well been done by just about any shop local to them that used to handle rifle work.

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It is a custom rifle built on a REM 700 SA. The only original Remington parts are the receiver, bolt, and bolt stop. I thought someone might recognize the work and could point me to the shop that did the build so I could get info on the manufacturer of the barrel. It is definitely NOT HS Precision-Kent Wince from HSP just emailed me that info.
Any information you would get would be meaningless.

Just look at your rifle. It is what it is.
Maybe Tac Ops would have a guess? It’s not close by him but it is a small world.
It looks like an early HSP rife when Janet was the manager there late 1980's ish. If I had it in my hands I could tell you a 100 %. It could be a put together Remington with a HSP stock more than likely...

Mike R.
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