Help picking scope for a new rifle build.


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Jun 22, 2018
SE Alaska
So, I started my journey shooting long range with a Kimber Advanced tactical rifle .308 that I bought from my LT that was retiring. That rifle was equipped with a PST GEN 1 SFP scope in MOA. The rifle shoots fabulous with it and it has taught me a ton. I have stretched this .308 out to over 1000 yrds the same as the day I bought it.

Fast forward a year and I am now putting a BH TL3 in a KMW sentinel with a Bartlin barrel chambered in 6.5 PRC with all the hard work done by DMR. So now I am down to picking a new scope, and I am really found of what I am seeing in the new Razor II line, and I am looking to make the change to MRAD as that is what everyone else I am shooting with is using and calling corrections in.

I am really leaning on changing the optic on my other tried and true .308 at the same time, giving up the old MOA PST scope and buying and mounting a second Razor II on it at the same time. What would everyone else do??

Also the military and LE price on the Razor are so good it is hard not to pick them against they competition. I really like the Kahles and the S&B PII's I have been behind though as well. And I hope my semi-thrifty nature isnt causing me to be to short sighted, Opinions?? Ideas ??
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Aug 5, 2013
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I have 2 Vortex, 2 Kahles, and 3 S&B and like them all. For me the best looking to my eye is the S&B with the 624i a close 2nd. I have friends that have Minox and Night Force which i have looked though and are also very good scopes. The main thing i say is get what looks best to you and don't settle only to hate what you got. Then choose a reticle that you like. I have had good luck with Sport Optics and Eurooptics.