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Gunsmithing Help with spec on 243 reamer


Full Member
Jan 23, 2009
100 mi. east of Camp Perry
I am going to purchase a 243 win reamer from PTG. I dont want to turn necks. This will be used to chamber for bolt action rifles only for target and varmint shooting. I usually get 0 fb 1* 30 on all my reamers and throat with a separate 1* 30 throater. Suggestions for the other critical dimensions would be appreciated
Re: Help with spec on 243 reamer

What grain bullet will you be loading may be important? Twist of rifle?

I just bought a reamer made for the 115 Dtacs, probably a different reamer would be spec'd if you were only shooting 75 grainers.
Re: Help with spec on 243 reamer

Call or write Dave Kiff if you send him a few dummy rounds with your normal bullets seated he can cut the reamer to fit.
Re: Help with spec on 243 reamer

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: P.A.R.</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Call or write Dave Kiff </div></div>

he will happily take the time to talk to you on the phone, listen to what you want to do, and suggest the right dimensions...
great customer service...
Re: Help with spec on 243 reamer

.275 is a min spec neck, be aware that lots of Winchester brass has a burr on the end of the neck that WON'T always work with this neck dimension- but the good brass will.
.060 FB will allow you to shoot most 105-107gr bullets and still pull off the varmint weight bullets as well in the same chamber
Re: Help with spec on 243 reamer

Lapua brass = .275" Nk.

All others = .272" Nk.

105/108 Bullets = .103" Free bore

115 DTACS = .130" / 140" Free bore

Varmint Bullets = .060/.075" Free Bore

1 degree 30 lead angle a must

Minimum SAAMI spec from the neck shoulder juntion to case head
Re: Help with spec on 243 reamer

Gentlemen, thanks for the info. I am going with the .275" neck So another quick question. What is the downside to ordering 1* 30 - 0 freebore reamer and installing the throat with a separate 1* 30 throating reamer. This would give me more flexibility with a given reamer. I can think of a few issues but would like to hear what you guys think. TIA