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Hornady 140 ELDM vs 143 ELDX accuracy in Seekins SP 10, 6.5 CM


Sergeant of the Hide
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Nov 8, 2023
I’m having good luck with factory loaded 140 ELDMs in my Seekins. Should I expect the 143 ELDX to shoot about the same accuracy?
Yes they both shoot great out of my 18” only caveat is the 140 is factory that I shoot for nrl hunter cause I can’t make power factor out of the 18” and the 143 are my reloads that I hunt with. The sd on my reloads is obviously better but both are very accurate.
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I found the ELD-X ammo shoot just as well as the match. I’ve shoot it in 300WM with 220’s and your 6.5 In 143’s.
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