How long is too long?


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Oct 23, 2010
Ordered my first bolt gun from a company known on this forum in March of '10, told them when ordering I was in afghan and was going to be home in Nov. was told no problem, you called at the perfect time.

Now here it is May and the only response upon inquiring about said rifle is "be patient, perfection takes time"

I've already dropped $6k on this rifle. The action and stock ordered are manufactured in house. So my question is, what the hell is taking so long? Is this the norm?


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Sep 18, 2010
Birmingham, Alabama
Re: How long is too long?

I have had a lot of disdain lately for the very comfortable practice of, "youll get it when you get it." Barrel manufacturers have delays, coating companies you send your stuff off to make mistakes sometimes. But this sliding delivery date thing that sometimes spreads from a few months to well over a year in some cases is out of line. I pay as little as possible until its delivery time so they still want my money. I feel for you bro, people need to start changing things like this with where and how they spend their dollars.

And people always say the same line "if they spent all their time answering emails. . . . blah, blah ,blah" Im not asking for a daily, play by play update. But if your changing my delivery date buy MONTHS and you have thousands of my dollars, a "hey, I'm sorry but your build is being delayed until XXXXXXX because of XXXXXXX reason, we will get it out to you as soon as this issue clears up" is NOT too much to ask. And if some of them were more proactive about things like that, they wouldnt have to spend so much time sending excuse and damage control emails.