I need a good 1200 yard range finder

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Nov 29, 2011
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I need a rangefinder that can reliably reach out to 1200 yards. I have been looking at the Bushnell Arc 1600 and it seems people say it nicely reaches out to 1600+ yards. I could go with a Swarovski but I am hoping for something under $450 that will do this nicely for me. I see there are a couple new Arc 1600s on Ebay right now for $395 and I just wanted to get some reviews on that product and perhaps some suggestion from people on others that will do a good job targeting 1200 yards. My range where I hunt has deer than come out <500 and >900. I want a rangefinder that can cover everything in between and beyond.

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Apr 17, 2006
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Re: I need a good 1200 yard range finder

i've used several in this category and i liked the swaro unit a friend lent me for a few weeks. i still however use my leica 1200 lrf routinely. i like it and it is consistently a performer.

-small to average overall size
-batteries last forever
-meters or yards
-seems to take a bit of routine use and abuse with no problem
-works pretty well on objects of fair reflectivity - IE, grasses, trees, etc. when better objects like tin roofs, water, etc. aren't available...

-sometimes a tad sensitive in that if you're doing work on a rainy day and you range through what you believe to be an opening in the trees you can get fooled. i've had this set bounce back a reading on some little half ass 1/2" limb at 200 yards i hadn't even noticed when trying to range through a hole to find the distance to the clearing 500 yards away... this can be the case with many units, but keep it in mind.
-the button depression necessary to actuate the laser is rather stiff. thus, you need to be relatively well braced to range on something small at great distance. otherwise, the natural 'push' you put into the finder will force you off target and you'll not range your intended spot properly.
-i have ranged grain bins at 1206 yards with it, but that is the furthest. bean stubble, crappy ol' fields, etc. won't cut it at the 1200 yard mark with this unit... frankly, it'll be tough for most units. my experience has been pretty ho hum with nearly all range finders when trying to use them at their peak performance rated indicator... plan on getting 2/3s to 3/4s of their rated distance routinely, and the rest will be tougher, depend on outside circumstances, and certainly be reflective (pun intended) of the object in which you use for ranging...

hope this helps.



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Oct 4, 2010
Re: I need a good 1200 yard range finder

I'm a little gun shy on Bushnells... my Elite 1500 definitely would not range out to 1000 unless the target was reasonably reflective. So stay away from those unless you get a good money back guarantee.


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Re: I need a good 1200 yard range finder

I purchased the Leica 1600 and love it. When I was shopping for a LRF I went to Cabelas and found a great salesman that grabbed the Swaro and Leica and took me outside while he took a smoke break. He turned me loose with both and I was lasing a black Dodge pickup at around 1500 yards. The first issue I had with the Swaro was the size of the recticle. It pretty much covered the pickup, while the low profile red box on the Leica was much easier for me to use. The Leica seemed to be much more consistant and perform than the Swaro. I also noticed the Swaro seemed much slower to respond than the Leica when it would get me a reading. Call Camera Land and see if they have a demo model on the Leica as they are significantly reduced in price and come with a great warranty.