Im tired of supporting the liberal internet - What search engine - browser is good?


Nov 10, 2017
Im tired of supporting the liberal internet - What search engine - browser is good?

Im also looking for something besides youtube for videos

Any suggestions would be nice - thanks

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    -that is the search engine that I use here. They 'say' that they don't track your history. I've been using them for about 6 or 7 years, something like that. Found out about it here.

    -As to the browser, I use Firefox. Also found out about that here. Except I too am looking for another browser, because Firefox is about as slow and loaded down with crap as IE was, if not worse. And when you turn Adblock and a few other filters on, it about near stalls out. Which is the opposite of conducive and productive browsing.

    So I too am open to suggestions on a viable browser.

    I avoid videos, so can't help you there at all.
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    The problem with search engines is that there is this economy of scale thing and once a few big players are in the market, nobody else can pretty much ever compete as the user base is not there to support the advertising revenue investment.

    Here is a fun thing to think about... If you use Microsoft's Bing as your search engine even for just a bit of your browsing, they will give you $5 to $10 or more worth of gift certificates to various places like Amazon, walmart and others each month! Yet their market share is around 20% of search despite being pre-installed on most PCs that are shipped.

    You can use Duck Duck Go, but the main thing with that is the privacy, they run your search on yahoo, google & bing, then send the mixed results back to you.

    In search engines there is basically Google, followed by Bing, trailed by Yahoo and then the also ran ask and aol anybody else is basically just scraping the data.

    As to your web browser, there is really mostly just 3

    Google -- Chrome, and variants of the chrome based or google funded mozilla engine like Firefox
    Microsoft -- Edge and Internet Exploder

    If you want to dig in to some open source stuff there are a lot of small projects but many of them are all based around the chrome/Mozilla main code.

    The latest build of Firefox is fairly fast and has ripped out a lot of stuff
    Microsoft Edge while annoying also can run quite fast depending on the website

    My current favourite is Vivaldi
    Which is a spin of the google code with a bit more options on how you run it. It does however favor power users with hefty setups & is not afraid to use as much compute power as you give it once you start opening tons of pages.

    If you want to disconnect a bit from your corporate overlords, I'd suggest getting into Linux and playing around with some different distributions to see the one you like best & can customize as you want it & then use open source programs as much as you can.

    A good place to look up distributions is:

    My current favourite based on ease of use and ease of install is Linux Mint Cinnamon

    But I'm waiting for the next spin of Deuvan to swap over to a much more freedom based distro run by some rebel grey and whitebeards.

    If you want a site for your video, you could look at Vimeo which has a great platform and better options than YouTube, but you are the customer and not the product, so you'll need to pay.

    On the cell phone side, there is really only one choice if you don't want to belong to a corporation and want a smart phone. Get an Android phone and root it with a custom rom. You'll still however probably cave in and sync up with at least one of the corporate overloads to get all the free mail, mapping and application tools, and then they are back to using you as a product once again.

    Want communications not part of a big corporation... Get a Ham radio license and learn how to communicate in voice, text and data all around the world without corporations... (Most of your friends however won't be reachable, but they could buy the equipment to listen to you even without a license).
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    Feb 13, 2017
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    I have been using Duck, Duck, Go and it's been fine. I just un-installed Firefox because I had read somewhere that they are very liberal based and anti - 2A. Beyond that, I don't have the time or patience for the in depth/anti tracking search engines and S/W. I don't use IE, Yahoo, Bing (who the hell gave the green light for that name ?).