Just updated from Strelok to Strelok Pro


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I give up. how do i find what was the table option instead of just the holds. Used to be a choice on the same line with solution by hitting the Calculate button. If they eliminated the Table choice to give me table data across the entire bullet range, I have made a bad purchase.

Will Strelock be recognizing the Tremore 3 reticule on the ATACR?

Lastly, what do I do to pick a reticule with I have a simple reticule as shown on an EXTERNAL adjusted scope or just forget using reticule. If I forget it, doesn't it pick one for you which would be totally wrong. What is the best source of help for this product because the internet help sucks.
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Feb 23, 2017
The free version let me show tables to unlimited distances but the Pro version only goes to 800 yards by 100 yard increments which is useless to me. Please don't tell me the ability has been lost.

Open the grid, click the settings icon (gear) and enter start,end and step distances. I just checked, I went out to 1500 in 50 yard increments.