Looks like rock river AR prices are starting to come back down.


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  • Jun 3, 2012
    I'm a HUGE fan of rock river rifles. Lots of rifle for the money IMO. It looks like the prices of rock rivers are starting to come back down on GB which is a good thing. I have never purchased anything off gun broker and usually purchase my stuff from Kentucky gun company when possible. Just need to make sure you're dealing with a legit a+ vendor with a good rep. Just triple check the listing before purchase. I would almost bet money these prices would be really close to normal in about 9months as long as no other adam lanza nut jobs come to the surface again. If you can wait, then I think I would. You just never know though in today's crazy firearm market especially with the out of control legislative BS going on.

    This was about $1250ish before shit hit the fan. These varmint rifles can be stupid accurate and actually did really well in the 30round shoot out that I ran months ago... 20" barrel too, just perfect length IMO: LINK: Rock River 20 in Varmint 223 ar15 ar 15 : Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com

    For what you get, this is actually not that bad of a rifle!! Nice 18" stainless steel barrel in a 1:8 twist for heaver bullets. Nice! I want to say this was going for about $1250ish before all the crazy went down: LINK: RRA Rock River ATH Advanced Tactical Hunter AR15 : Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com

    I purchased a rifle very close to this linked rifle the day after sandy hook crap went down for $999 at a local dealer before they got wiped out of stock to give you an idea. This one is a little bit different and has a step cut in the barrel and little bit different handguard. Also, this listing on GB is listed as a 16" barrel, but doesn't it look to be more like 18" long? I could be wrong on this. HMMMM, kinda strange and non-typical of a rock river operator series: LINK: Rock River Arms RRA Entry Operator 2 LAR-15 new nr : Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com

    this is my rock river 16" carbine with an aimpoint pro (big fan of this red dot, much more than eotech). GG&G rear flip sight (got off ebay for $60 bucks!). Also, grip pod gps-02:

    this is my EOP (elevated optics platform) varmint rilfe with a cryo treated 18" stainless barrel. She is stupid accurate and is actually more accurate than my LMT. She is 100% a sub-moa rifle. Total rifle weight is actually not that bad with the 18" barrel and wouldn't think twice about taking this out in the woods for some varmint hunting. If you're going for more of a bench rifle for bug holes, then you might want a 20" to 24" barrel.. IMO, I'm a huge fan of 18" and 20" barrel lengths in .223 rifles... I just don't think anything over 20" is needed on a semi-auto IMO... Sporting a vortex 4-16x50 FFP PST scope and LOW vortex "seekins" rings (rear objective just friggen clears the rail by about 1/8" if that with the low rings):
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    Sep 7, 2011
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    I heartily agree on being a Rock River fan. I have the LAR-15 LE with an Aimpoint PRO as a duty weapon and it is extremely accurate (55 grn Winchester Ranger soft point LE) and utterly reliable, a Predator HP that is consistently half to 3/4 MOA (Hornady 168 grn AMax TAP) and have a LAR-8 Precision A4 on order. I'm fortunate enough to be able to purchase direct from RRA through my agency, they are very easy to work with and responsive to any questions.

    We are in the process of approving the LAR pistols for duty use, I have only got to play with one but it was easy to shoot and maintain very good accuracy out to 75 yards (range I was on was limited). No failures, compact, accurate... I was sold.

    RRA is hard to beat when it comes to getting the most rifle for your money.


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  • Mar 16, 2010
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    I am a RRA big fan as well. I have a Elite Comp and an Elite Car. Both are well under 0.75" 5 shot groups @ 100 yards. Except for my 2 Noveske's they are my favorite AR's over all the others I own.


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    Sep 18, 2012
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    I'm a big RRA fan. My first AR-15 was a Rock River Entry Operator 2. I put OD Green Magpul furniture on everything, added a FVG, EOTech EXPS and EOTech Magnifier. I have to admit, I succumbed to the pressures of the AR Craze, and I sold it for $1900 sans the EOTech optics. I kind of wish I wouldn't have done that now. Looks like they've come out with a pretty cool 3 Gun rifle.