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Making AW cut on an existing receiver


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Feb 20, 2017
Eastern PA
I was wondering if it's a bad idea to have an action cut to accept AW mags... will it destroy the heat treatment? or some other reasons not to do it?

I'm leaning toward making a hunting rifle out of it with an internal magazine, but I thought I'd ask.

Thank you
LRI can do those cuts if youre not confident to do it yourself. It can easly be ruined if you aren't careful with the mill. Ive cut my own rem700 but my buddy ruined his.
'Bout the only way your going to create a heat treat issue is if you run your mill/dremel backwards and friction weld the tool to the receiver. A "stupid dull tool" would do it too I 'spose.

Heat treat isn't really the issue here for most. It's getting the geometry correct so that it runs to the expectation of the owner. There's a very slippery slope to doing this and the skill sets involved aren't exactly trivial. The geometry has to be right to make it work. Even with things setup appropriately this particular magazine is prone to being problematic. The shell pressure on the feedlips is greater, and the transition angles are more aggressive. All of this is summarized by an increased effort to run the bolt. -Something that most don't find to be favorable.

The lug abutment on the bottom; You end up taking a "not so trivial" amount of material off of it. This DOES weaken the lower lug. Enough to cause an issue? -see the previous comments...

Anymore the AW magazine cut is kind of obsolete in many ways. For the longest time it was a "in demand" service. A lot of folks were very conscious about how much magazine dangled out the bottom of the stock. Suddenly the trend has swung the other way with guys making magazine extenders to increase capacity. So, once again, there's stuff hanging out the bottom of stocks. (meh? lol!)

I would encourage you to just consider something like the ARC magazine. Get the floor metal fitted by someone who knows how to do a good job and just go shoot the snot out of it. Chances are you'll be much happier.

Good luck.

Don't do it

AW mags are not meant to work with 2 lug actions and 700 type receivers. I would avoid it, seriously.

I have one, and I know guys like the idea of it, but for every 1 that works, 3 don't, and over time, with use, they tend to get worse.

There is a reason Accuracy International uses an AICS Mag vs an AW mag when the AW was out long before the AICS. They realized then, it was a bad idea.

Thanks for the info... the main reason I wanted the AW mag was because my right arm and right hand that have little strength and even less dexterity,(spinal cord tumors) so loading the AW mags (double stack/double feed) is as easy as snapping ammo in.

So if AW mags don't feed rounds reliably into any AW cut 700 clone, what's the point I guess. I can come up with a hack to make loading mags quicker and easier.

So if I want a reliable rifle to use double feed mags, the AI/AX is the best choice?

or use ARC mags - as long as you are shooting .308/.260 / 6.5cm they seem to be 100% reliable , its once you get to shorter cartridges that they start acting like kimber 1911's :)

So if I want a reliable rifle to use double feed mags, the AI/AX is the best choice?


First, my Stiller Tac30AW (700 clone) feeds from AW mags fine. Also my Badger actions can run them smoothly. The mag catch also needs consideration in this mod. It has to lengthened to make the AW mag seat in to the proper depth.
The AI AT, in my opinion, may be the best way to go unless you find a good AX on the used market (not small firing pin model or MC). The AT is the AW/AX action and can be bought now with the coveted small FP option.

My Stiller Tac30AW also feeds from AW mags just fine, thousands and thousands of rounds without hiccup. As said though, the mag catch height has to be set up properly or all bets are off. No doubt though that a three lug action is better set up to use these mags without issue.
or use ARC mags - as long as you are shooting .308/.260 / 6.5cm they seem to be 100% reliable

Several user reports on this forum say they're not unless messed with. The sample of two Alpha mags I have (which are probably the shorted DSSF 10 rounders out there) has worked perfectly since day one with no alterations or monkey business.

I recently bought a MDT steel 10 rounder and promptly threw it away. Their feed lip shape is complete garbage compared to the Alpha mag lips (which are contoured to match the cartridge circumference) and made them feed the first 3-4 rounds like complete shit. This into a Howa 1500 mounted on a KRG chassis.
So a three lug action like the Curtis Custom Axiom would function better with AW mags?

What’s did you end up finding out with the Curtis action and mags?

So I think there is a whole thread on the Vector action, and what mags it likes. I ended up getting a Bighorn TL3 since I'm a lefty and there are no lefty Curtis actions around, and won't be for a while I'm guessing.

GA Tempest action will run AW mags perfectly fine. Built two rifles off the actions and use AW exclusively. It is also a 3 lug.