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HMFIC of this Shit
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  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies

    I was perusing the depth of Facebook and came across the topic of Fieldcraft vs Marksmanship. To be upfront, this thread was on a private “Sniper” group. There were a few good responses. But I think it’s a topic worth its own thread. Now, this is going to seem like it’s geared just to Snipers or the “tactical” shooter. But it’s not; it gets at a mindset that should be encompassed in everything a rifleman does. It actually points to what’s wrong with much of the current competition shooting. We’ve forgotten our way, what got us to where we are, and where we’re going. 

    We get into the quandary of one verse the other often. Especially when we consider training snipers. Now I’m not bringing this up to debate the efficacy of fieldcraft training in the United States Army Sniper Course (USASC). At this point in my life, I influence nothing at the schoolhouse and anything I say will just be “like your opinion Man!” That was a Big Lebowski reference if you didn’t get it. ...

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    Fieldcraft is the culmination of everything. Knowledge, skill, camouflage, survival, planning, training, etc etc etc etc. shooting is 10% of the craft.

    fyi, the link in the forum section comes up with an error. Not sure if it’s just me but the same thing happened on Teds last article.
    The two are almost mutually exclusive, unless you're a sniper. LE sniper for 15+ years....I took care of the marksmanship part by shooting high power and long range (high master) for 10+ years. I took care of the 'mentality' of being a sniper by prep'ing for the psychologicaI part on my own....a topic in itself that is hardly ever covered in any school. And with the fieldcraft, I was extremely lucky, that a buddy was a USMC sniper his entire career and ran the school at Camp Lejeune for a long time. He schooled me on what's important and want is not, so I didn't waste any time on shit I didn't need to do. He was invaluable! THANKS Jon!!!!!! Being a total sniper is an 'art'.