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    I was perusing the depth of Facebook and came across the topic of Fieldcraft vs Marksmanship. To be upfront, this thread was on a private “Sniper” group. There were a few good responses. But I think it’s a topic worth its own thread. Now, this is going to seem like it’s geared just to Snipers or the “tactical” shooter. But it’s not; it gets at a mindset that should be encompassed in everything a rifleman does. It actually points to what’s wrong with much of the current competition shooting. We’ve forgotten our way, what got us to where we are, and where we’re going. 

    We get into the quandary of one verse the other often. Especially when we consider training snipers. Now I’m not bringing this up to debate the efficacy of fieldcraft training in the United States Army Sniper Course (USASC). At this point in my life, I influence nothing at the schoolhouse and anything I say will just be “like your opinion Man!” That was a Big Lebowski reference if you didn’t get it. ...

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    Fieldcraft is the culmination of everything. Knowledge, skill, camouflage, survival, planning, training, etc etc etc etc. shooting is 10% of the craft.

    fyi, the link in the forum section comes up with an error. Not sure if it’s just me but the same thing happened on Teds last article.

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    The two are almost mutually exclusive, unless you're a sniper. LE sniper for 15+ years....I took care of the marksmanship part by shooting high power and long range (high master) for 10+ years. I took care of the 'mentality' of being a sniper by prep'ing for the psychologicaI part on my own....a topic in itself that is hardly ever covered in any school. And with the fieldcraft, I was extremely lucky, that a buddy was a USMC sniper his entire career and ran the school at Camp Lejeune for a long time. He schooled me on what's important and want is not, so I didn't waste any time on shit I didn't need to do. He was invaluable! THANKS Jon!!!!!! Being a total sniper is an 'art'.


    Oct 7, 2014
    Who thinks this is an either or situation? Clearly they have no clue how much time is spent on field craft by every single military sniper program. Recon is also super important I guess that is either or as well.

    I do not think any reasonable person thinks it is either or. Maybe a LEO might not need good fieldcraft but that is a small isolated community.

    This is as silly of a topic as the topic "Accelerating is much more important than braking in driving a car!" it is so contrived as to be obvious to anyone with any common sense or experience.

    Clearly the people having this conversation have never been the target of another human being that would kill you if given the opportunity! Too many people watching movies and playing video games. In fact even hunters well good hunters frequently practice some level of fieldcraft.

    Likewise someone that does not understand the importance of how you load your pack/ruck is someone who again has never had their life on the line because they could not quickly, quietly and with little movement get exactly what they needed from their pack/ruck. Even someone in peace time like a paramedic/EMT understand the importance of how you pack a bag or a vehicle so that things have a specific place were they live and always go pack to the place over and over and over again!

    So ignorance is bliss and people that have no skill or experience are always looking for a reason not to train, not to have standards, and not to do the things they are not good at or do not like.

    Anyone with actual experience understands the need for standards, training, discipline, routine and repetition of even the mundane.

    They remind me of my sons especialy when they were in high school with the battle cry "When will I ever need to know that in real life?" nothing is worse than needing a skill and not having it when you actual need it for the first time. Learning on the fly is risky and seldom the best way to win!

    Hang out with better people that are not talking about things they have no experience with. Larpers are not a great audience to get article ideas from unless they are also your target market! My kids would call you a "Boomer" for being on Facebook let alone a Facebook page that is private and for fake snipers! What is next a private Facebook group of electricians that are not actual electricians that do not believe in continuity setting on a VOM or do not think Ohms Law is valid or matters?

    Fieldcraft has been practiced for as long as man has been stalking and fighting other animals and men. In fact a group in America was created just to teach fieldcraft maybe you have heard of them they were called Boy Scouts! Might want to look up why Baden Powel created the Boy Scouts!!!

    Even in built up area's it is not obvious how to conceal yourself so that you can operate and not get killed. Operating well in a built up urban area and not being seen is still fieldcraft! Only LE operators can operate without fieldcraft because they are not going to be directly targeted by the people they are targeting and they are surrounded by friendly's! No idiots with RPG's, not a building full of bad guys with machine guns that are going to directly target them with no support, no worry of close air support or artillery's or direct fire called in.

    Personally I hate that so many people worship at the altar of "Sniper" and even worse when they do not embrace one of the biggest factors in their success and survivability. No one get into their hide in a Honda Civic then marches through the area singing Vive L'Amour. The Sniper School at Ft. Benning has an insane washout rate and it is not because of the shooting standard.