My AR22 from MGP Customs


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May 16, 2010
MGP Customs built me an excellent AR upper. He used some CMMG parts, but machined a custom barrel so that a barrel extension and bushing would not be needed. He tapered the barrel to whatever I wanted, and supplied all the parts for the upper.

I used a Seekins lower and Geissele SD-E trigger. As for accuracy, at 100 yards about 1/3 of my groups are 3/4" or less, the rest 1.5" moa. However the group size reflects wind, my skill, and average ammo, etc.

I am not sure why one group will be tight, and the next two 1.5" moa. Most likely it is a combination of the ammo and my skill. With the panic buying, it is next to impossible to buy various types of match grade 22LR ammo for testing. Most of my range time I shoot positional, with about half of that offhand. The image below shows some groups I shot last week at 100 yards, using a SS 5-20 scope, a rear bag, and a small bag and block of wood up front. shot at 100 yards with moderate wind. Home Page.

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