New Badrock South Fork


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Jul 26, 2020
Detroit, MI
Wanted to share a quick shot of my new rifle, setting it up for barrel break-in soon. I know there isnt much info on the Hide about these yet. Im pretty excited to get some trigger time with it.

The Badrock team surprised me with what was a very quick one month turn around time (quoted 8-12 weeks). The rifle came in to my FFL on my birthday. pretty cool. Picked it up same day.

26" barrel, THICK, 6.5 CM. Came in the LSS XL Gen 2 stock.

Added an Accu-tac FC-4 G2 Bipod, an Erik Cortina Muzzle Device and Tuner Combo from my other rifle, bought myself a Precision Underground ELR Pro Bag, and it got my Athlon Cronus BTR Gen 2 (4.5-29x) on Vortex Match Rings.

Also upgraded the buttstock to the MDT SRS Short to add on the MDT Folding Stock Adapter as well.

I added the MDT Rear weight and Mlok Bag Rider to push the balance back a little more, as it was feeling a little front-heavy. Total setup now weighs 19 lbs.