New guy from NC WY


Mar 18, 2022
Hello from the Eastern foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Long time shooter, prior service, 11B and 84B two tours in Nam, 68-69. Wife and I coached international smallbore when our 2 sons were teens. I was a shop teacher, LEO and then a computer guy. After retiring from that we opened a CNC shop make parts from almost anybody that needed parts for what ever. We bought the 5mm Craig from Mike Craig in 2004. We did a lot of odd firearms related parts for many different shops. The 5mm Craig led us into making TC Contender barrels which led to Encore barrels and then I developed a way to machine a barrel stub from a single blocke of 4140 ht to R32-35, new locking lugs, extractors, and anything that was related to TC barrel. Since moving back to my home state nearly 3 years ago I did not renew my 07 FFL. S I can finally do some of my stuff done for fun. I am looking at building a Precision Rifle to if I nave enough left in me to try competing in that sport. I have enjoyed this site as a guest user several time. Thank you.