Rifle Scopes  New Vortex Razor II 4.5x27 issues/questions.


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Dec 6, 2007
So the box from Vortex arrived today, and I took the scope out to play with it a bit. Two things I noted:

1) When the illumination is on, and the scope power is at the low 4.5 setting, and as it works upwards, I noticed there is a red ring of light around the edges of the inside of the scope. As the power is increased, it seems to get smaller, but still present. Is that normal. I don't seem to recall this when I shot a buddies rifle.

2) When adjusting the elevation turret, it seems to spin fine up to the 4-mil mark, then it takes significantly more effort to spin from 4-9mils. Once past 9 it loosens up again to pre (4mil) stiffness. When spinning back down it is again stif between 9-4 mils, and then loosens from 4 back to 1. Is this normal, and will it loosen up.

Are these issues that need to be addressed with Vortex, or will they go away?




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Feb 13, 2017
I never really use the illumination on mine (I have 2 of them) so not sure about the ring you mention, but the effort to turn my turrets through the entire range of elevation is constant, ie, there are no hard or soft spots on turret rotation force.


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Jul 15, 2007
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I read on the internet once that Vortex turrets will do that if the lock screws are tightened unevenly.


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Jul 1, 2012
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The red ring is actually etching on the reticle plane. If you turn the illumination off, you will see a tiny bit of tunneling at 4.5x, although in this case it is caused by the ring etched on the periphery of the reticle lens restricting the view, and not a constriction of the FOV by the movement of the optical elements of the erector assembly like what is present in an S&B PMII.

The issue you describe with the elevation knob is definitely cause by unequal tightness of the setscrews on the turret adjustment. Using the supplied wrench, loosen both setscrews in the elevation knob then snug and tighten them evenly (back and forth) but resist the urge to torque the living $#!+ out of them, they're not lug nuts.