Outstanding Customer Service


Mar 4, 2017
I want to give a shout out to Mile High Shooting Accessories for going above and beyond. Approximately a year ago I purchased a used Spuhr mount from a forum member here on Snipershide. The mount showed up, I looked it over, then put it away. About two weeks ago I got the mount out and put it on one of my rifles. As I was making the final torque adjustment on the front top cover, the cover cracked.
I wasn’t happy, but I figured things like this occasionally happen when you buy used gear online. I looked on MHSA’s website, but the part I needed showed “not in stock”. I then sent an email to MHSA explaining that I had purchased a used Spuhr mount from a member on the Snipershide forum and that while torquing it the front top cover had cracked. I told them that I didn’t expect it to be covered under warranty, but I needed a replacement part.
The next day I received an email from Connor at MHSA. He said they were checking their warehouse to see if the part was available. The following day I received another email from Connor. He said they didn’t have the part in stock, but they would take the part I needed from one of their new mounts and send it to me free of charge.
To say I was surprised would be an understatement, I mean they even paid for shipping! In my experience that type of customer service is the exception rather than the rule.
Thank you Mile High (and Connor) for going above and beyond to get me shooting again.