Project finally starting to come together


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Jun 1, 2010
Sachse, TX.
After a long wait for an action, progress is now being made on the project again. MileHigh had AICS 2.0's in stock. So my order should show up here by Friday.......

Parts list

AICS 2.0 L/A for .338 LM CIP length
Viper Skins
Stiller Precision Tac338 w/20 moa base
Timney trigger
Bartlein 31" Barrel 1.350"
Allen Precision Pain Killer break
Atlas BiPod

All of the main components go to my smith next week. He has a spot cleared out for me so wait time shouldn't be that long to see some components assembled.

Will end up with a USO mounted on top but for the interim, it is going to get one of my NF's to start.

Pics coming soon.