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PSA - knowing this could help you one day


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Aug 28, 2020

Have you heard of the Brady list?
Every state is supposed to maintain one although some don’t - and some like MI do a half ass job so about half the names on the list don’t have the agency name or the reason the officer/ state employee was added.
Brady list - mostly LEO but some states list other public employees who’ve show to be untrustworthy, lied on official records or in court , been convicted of criminal conduct, been negligent.
Basically it’s a list of officers who shouldn’t or can’t testify in court cause even a first year public defender would destroy their credibility and testimony. .
Additionally the folks named on this list are still employed - still have their job enforcing the law and still banking a pension .
In my shitty corrupt state the Brady list is 36 pages long and that’s with about half of municipalities not participating in adding the required names.

So on the Brady list one can search by name or agency- so please not only record all interactions with LEO/ state agencies, if you do have a negative interaction this is a tool to look up . Fight the ticket or charge , especially if you find the name on the Brady list - very good chance as per department orders they will not show up in court to testify.
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