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Sep 20, 2007
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COURSE NAME: Reading the Wind in Austere Environments.
DATE: July 12th – 14th
LOCATION: Kettle Falls, WA
DURATION: 3 days
PREREQUITE: Able to Legally Posses Firearms. Understanding of the seven fundamentals of
PRICE: $700.00
DESCRIPTION: The wind is the one part of each firing solution that is never constant. The wind is ever changing and depending on the time of day, elevation, type of eco system or weather pattern the shooter may have to adapt to. The correct wind call can and will have the greatest effect on the impact of the intended projectile on target once the correct distance to the target is known. This enhanced course focuses on reading the wind, range estimation and environmental conditions that impact the flight of your projectile to its intended target. Tips and techniques of marksmanship will also be discussed, demonstrated and practiced.

ISG will provide: Instruction, excluding weapons and ammo. Students See Gear List
Hotels/Local Hints: Request hotel list
REGISTRATION: Contact Carl Taylor (509) 680-4790 or email your request to . Please register and send payments 14 business days prior to class start date to guarantee availability. We look forward to seeing you there!
PAYMENT: Please register online at
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