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Sidearms & Scatterguns Rear Sight Laserlyte sights


Full Member
Aug 10, 2010
I plan on buying a gen 4 glock in .45acp and possibly putting one of these on it. It seems like it looks to mount very easily to the rear sight (no smithing required).

Anyone have an opinion on these vs. crimson trace laser grips? This will be used as a carry gun and a plinker. Thoughts and suggestions are needed!
Re: Rear Sight Laserlyte sights

My boss at my p/t gig working at a gunstore had these. We all tried them out, and we found the rear sight so "large" (compared to more conventional rear sights) that it was distracting.

NOW. .. I suppose repitions on the platform could alleviate that. I think what also didn't help is the sights were round(or one side if memory serves) and geometrically it just didn't seem to fit the sight picture "puzzle" in my little brain at least.

As for how they worked, I believe that it kept on sight for the most part, at least for combat/close-quarters needs.

If it were me, I'd go crimson trace. good luck!

Re: Rear Sight Laserlyte sights

Didn't Crimson Trace come out with a Laserguard for the Glocks?

<span style="font-style: italic">edit: apparently not for the full size Glocks yet. </span>
Re: Rear Sight Laserlyte sights

Sounds like crimson trace is a better way to go.....the laser also seems to be a bit more bright.
Re: Rear Sight Laserlyte sights

I had those sights on an M&P9 and they are nothing short of way too big. Shame cuz it's a great pistol that was ruined by poor sights. The laser is also very dim and the cap on the battery housing kept backing out during sessions, even after getting the loctite treatment. Ended up selling em.

Something else to think about; you will print if you carry a full size or "compact"(think glock 19) pistol with these sights.