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  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies
    Redefining the Shooter’s Length of Pull behind the rifle- Marc Taylor

    A classroom full of eager students sits bright-eyed on Day One of Precision Rifle One.  Theories and terms are bouncing off the walls.  Some are innovative, cutting edge and some have been around since our Granddad took us on our first squirrel hunt.  But they are all relevant.  Especially those that have been pounded into us but we never took the time to fully understand, like “Parallax”.  Got it.  Heard it mentioned a thousand times and pretty sure I’ve got it figured out… but do you?  We move to the range to do some scope tracking and half the class experiences parallax for the very first time.  That is when the light truly comes on.

    Another is “Length of Pull”.  We are all familiar with the definition, but do we fully understand the concept of measuring the distance from the trigger to the rear of the butt stock?

    We used to purchase rifles from the wall of the local gun store or from the endless...

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